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                        Gum machine is used in the seam edges of a waterproof tape. Gum machine according to the role object can be divided into: raincoat gum machine, tent gum machine, outdoor clothing caulking machine
                        Gum use, inspection and maintenance of the machine to find the gum machine operation and maintenance operating instructions 1, aim: norm gum machine operations, guide day-to-day maintenance; 2, the scope: used gum machines in the company; 3, there is a comprehensive understanding of it would be better to choose some needed gum machines. Gum machine operation and maintenance operating instructions 1, aim: norm gum machine operations, guide day-to-day maintenance;
                        This product is suitable for waterproof treatment of finished shoes, waterproof hiking shoes, waterproof socks, waterproof clothing, raincoats, diving suits, fishing trousers, waterproof bags, waterproof car cover, waterproof tent, waterproof rugs, waterproof gloves, waterproof clothing shoes and garment factories for air defense use. Product features 1 adopted advanced PLC programmable, human-machine interface touch screen LCD display for digital circuits, intuitive simple set operations, adjust easy and fast. 2 digital integrated temperature control, high stability, temperature fluctuations within ± 1 ° c, Preheat function before the initial heating, protect the heating wire. 3 automatic Micro adjustable length, tie in with the hot mouth starting fine tune, complete elimination to a halt outside casing gap, pause automatic micro, eliminating breakage may be a pause. 4 heating self adhesive waterproof due to their own glue, affect the operation of fitting tension, designed with automatic feed functions, ensuring waterproof stickers from tension, always starts with a. Ensure the flatness of the fabric laminating.
                        Heat seal tape is the use of special equipment (hot air seam sealing machine) heating, stitched raincoats, tents, water proofing, anti-gas products such as balloon knit bone pin, to seal (leak-proof, leak-proof) effect of a tape."II, and hot seal tape of type": PVC, and composite PU, and pure PU (TPU), and hot melt film, and rubber tape, and no textile cloth tape, and three layer cloth tape"three, and hot seal tape of technology standard":★ European toxicity element EN71.PART3:1994 security detection standard★ EU toxicity element EN1122:2001 security detection standard
                        First, in order to prevent fire or explosion, use diesel fuel or kerosene. Do not use gasoline, naphtha, paint thinners, alcohol or other highly flammable fuels. II, plus fuel and fuel-related personnel must be on to the manufacturer's instructions and safety-fueled hot air relevant provisions familiar. 1, can only be specified by using the hot-air drying machines diesel or kerosene. 2, flame lights all went out, and after the hot air cooling can be fueled.
                        ? ~ Issue 1: fabric with start, stop burning occurs when line, front-end or back-end paste effect rather than the middle or a gap pressure with a stop gap. Cause: the round started, stopped and placed into the, put hot air gun is out of sync, caused by improper pressure fall round micro-control debugging. Troubleshooting: debugging device, guaranteed start wheel with a hot air gun swing into synchronous, ensure wheel stops and hot air gun put synchronous, for the wheel to stop a little after reversing (micro-back) eliminates these problems. ? ~ Issue 2: occurs after hot tape with good paste, paste on one side and poor. Reason 1: fabric bone level was too high. Troubleshooting: Please press the hot air under the machine rotation for concave round of or increased pressure on pressure with pressure. Reason 2: hot air gun with a muzzle plug causing uneven air flow. Troubleshooting: clear the clogging debris hot air gun with a muzzle or replace the hot air gun. Reason 3: pressure rounds of serious wear, cause uneven fabrics pressed with time force. Solution: replace the roller. Cm problem 3: straight bone paste well, round, curved bone paste appear white spots or discount. Reason: caused by improper operation method. Exclude ways: moderately taut fabric on both sides, round, curved bone tightly attached to the press wheel pressure, curved, round bone pressure used should be relatively slow.﹡ Question 4 fabric side-by-side on a few bones, hot air pressure drop after a period of tim…
                        Liquid crystal display microcomputer control, menu-driven interface, PVC Panel Digital P.I.D. temperature control-mounted two-cylinder synchronous circuit under test start for two manual and pedal mode thermal head with independent temperature control can customize a variety of upper and lower heat cover form aluminum casting temperature-heated tube plug anti-scald safety design of tubular heater power connector RS232 interface

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